Physical Address:

Visit Emancipation Park

3018 Emancipation Avenue
Houston, TX 77004


Visitor Parking Info:

There are multiple options for free parking when visiting Emancipation Park. Here are a few to help you plan your next visit:

Parallel Parking:

Parallel parking spots are located in the front of the park along Emancipation Avenue, as well as behind the park along Hutchins Street. These spaces are first come, first served.

Traditional Parking:

Traditional, head-in spaces are available right next to the baseball field along Tuam Street.

Parking Lot:

Emancipation Park also has a parking lot located on Tuam Street directly across from the baseball field. This lot contains 55 spaces, including regular, ADA, and FEV parking.

ADA Parking:

Emancipation Park does feature ADA parking for patron convenience:
An ADA spot is located along Emancipation Avenue directly in front of the pool. There is a second ADA spot along Emancipation Avenue in front of the recreation center.
Additional ADA spots are located next to the baseball field along Tuam Street. These are head-in parking spaces.
Our additional Tuam Street lot located across from the baseball field has ADA parking spots as well.
Special Event Parking:
Emancipation Park Conservancy implements official parking plans for all our large-scale special events and programs to ensure adequate parking and accessibility for our patrons, especially when projected attendance reaches a certain capacity. We contract with many of the surrounding businesses, faith-based institutions, schools and Houston public transit partners to ensure free parking spaces and efficient transportation options are available for event attendees. We also have the capability to engage valet parking services when available.

Where can I park to unload?
If you simply need to unload to set up for an event or program, there is a circle drive located directly in front of the park (on Emancipation Ave.) that can be used for loading and unloading. Once you are done loading/unloading, you must immediately move your car to prevent being towed. Loading and unloading can also take place along the parallel spots on Hutchins street behind the park, and at the unloading dock along Tuam Street (near the dumpster). Note that vehicles are NEVER permitted to drive onto actual park grounds to park, load or unload, as they are too heavy for the park foundation to withstand.

  • Park hours are from dawn to dusk
  • Glass containers are prohibited
  • Alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Littering is prohibited. Use trash receptacles
  • Scooters and skateboards prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited off roadways and beyond parking areas
  • Improperly parked vehicles will be towed
  • Two hour parking for patrons only
  • Vending or sales prohibited without permit
  • Hunting or use of firearms prohibited
  • Dogs are to remain on leash at all times
  • Pet owners are required to pick up after pets Ordinance 2003-1275, Sec. 6-24
  • Plants and animals are protected – do not remove or molest
  • Control noise levels – please be respectful of others
  • Destroying public property is prohibited by Title 19, Chapter 191 of the Government Code of Texas
  • No smoking allowed in any City of Houston park interior and exterior spaces/facilities
  • Effective Date September 2, 2014. Enacted under Ordinance #2006-1054; Sec. 21-243

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department Permits Office issues permits for the use of different venues and parks operated by the department for the City of Houston.  An area within a park may be reserved for personal use for private events by obtaining a permit through the Permits section of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  A fee and a refundable deposit are required.  This permit ensures the exclusive use of a particular space for a designated time.  Any request to conduct a park event that is open to the public and more than 250 people will require coordination of city services and a special event permit, which you can request online from the Mayor’s Office of Special Events or by phone at 832-393-0868.


Park space, including pavilions, picnic table clusters, and open space may be reserved for private use by families and organizations. Reservations at area sports fields (including softball, baseball, soccer, flag football, basketball, rugby, and volleyball venues) are also available for sports practice as well as league and tournament play for youth 12 and under only. Contact the Parks Permits Office as early as possible to receive the most current information on the facility of your choice.


Indoor Spaces:  The Cultural Center and Recreation Center are beautiful spaces to host special gatherings, such as wedding receptions, baby showers, receptions and parties for a nominal rental fee. For fee information please contact at 832-395-7400. Deposits are required and are refundable.

Outdoor Spaces: Blessing Stage, Grand Lawn, Pavilions (A & B), Baseball Field. 


Contact Phone Numbers:

Park Permits: 832.394.8805
Indoor Emancipation Facility Rentals: 832.395.7400

Mayor’s Office of Special Events: 832.393.0868



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