Emancipation Park Conservancy strives to offer programs in the areas of Education, Health and Wellness, Economic Empowerment and Arts & Culture that are resourceful, fun, culturally relevant, informative, and offer unique opportunities to our community.  It is our goal to directly correlate our community’s needs, interests and wants into all our programs by partnering with strategic, corporate and community partners.

Educational attainment improves multiple outcomes in the areas of parenting and family stability, housing, and income.  As the premier convener of community partners in Greater Third Ward, EPC works collaboratively to help develop a community teeming with a multitude of informational and educational opportunities in the following areas:
•Coding and robotics
•Vocal development
•Visual and performing arts Literacy
•Cultural and historical education
•Emancipation Conversations Lecture Series

Emancipation Park Conservancy seeks to empower the Third Ward community and beyond through financial education and resources offered by our many strategic partners. We understand the importance of education surrounding this topic in our community. Our goal is to offer a variety of programs, courses, and classes geared towards economic education and the empowerment that ensures our community can become great stewards and take control of their financial life and legacy.

Comparable to minority communities across the country, years of disinvestment and deprivation of resources have left the primarily Black and Hispanic/Latinx residents of Third Ward with fewer opportunities to access quality healthcare.
Roughly one-third of Third Ward residents are uninsured or underinsured. This obstacle is significant and far-reaching, as rates of asthma, diabetes and hypertension in the Third Ward community exceed the national average. Coupled with accompanying conditions such as food and housing insecurity, residents of Houston’s historic Third Ward face numerous challenges to overall health and well-being.

Performing and visual arts remain an overlooked resource for policymakers representing communities of color. Notably, these decision-makers have deprioritized the importance of the arts in the well-being and development of children, families, and by extension, communities despite their overwhelmingly positive impact on multiple outcomes, ranging from education to quality of life. In response to this oversight and de-prioritization, Emancipation Park Conservancy leverages its relationships with community partners to develop, serve, and provide exposure for a highly skilled artistry base in one of the most under-resourced communities in the city.


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