, Meet Our Newest Intern!
by Team EPC

January 30, 2023

Meet Our Newest Intern!

, Meet Our Newest Intern!Emancipation Park is proud to announce our newest intern, Amber Land, a student journalist at Texas Southern University.

Amber is from Newton, Texas, and recently moved to Houston to pursue her dream as a writer. She has plans to be an investigative journalist after graduation and shared that she is especially interested in spotlighting stories on Black History and culture.  “I love telling the under-told stories.” Amber said, “There is so much history in our community, and I’m always searching for those stories online. But I said to myself, “why not be the voice behind the stories”. Her eagerness and passion will be a great addition to our team.

She is an Air Force veteran, a former flight attendant, and blogs in her spare time. Although Amber considers herself a “Jackie” of all trades, writing remains her truest passion. Getting to share her knowledge with others is what brings her the most joy, she said.

Amber was recently recognized for her creative storytelling by National Geographic. The organization selected her along with five other Historically Black College and University scholars to join a two-week competitive program at their national headquarter in Washington DC. This summer, she will receive mentorship from expert scientists, explorers, photographers, and writers.

The rising star now has more to add to her multi-faucet resume. Our staff is excited to hear about her experience in the coming weeks.  We welcome Amber to Emancipation Park and look forward to sharing her work with you all.

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