Health and Wellness

African Americans and Hispanics have some of the highest rates of chronic diseases in Houston, and Third Ward ranks as one of the most prevalent neighborhoods for these particular health issues. As such, EPC offers multiple opportunities for park patrons to participate in fitness classes and take advantage of health resources.

Get Fit in the Tre

, Health and Wellness

Hip Hop Step Aerobics

Line Dancing

Calling all Seniors! Keep your heart rate up by moving and grooving to your favorite tunes. This is a fun opportunity to get in some exercise, fellowship and join a thriving social community here at Emancipation Park. This class takes place every Tuesday at 6pm in the Emancipation Park Recreation Center gymnasium. Due to COVID-19 in-person classes are cancelled until further notice

, Health and Wellness , Health and Wellness

Cooking with the Garcias

Cooking with the Garcias provide kid-friendly snack and meal options you can prepare with your family. Every other Thursday we are joined by our very own staff member, Iris Garcia, and her beautiful family. They will walk us through how to make some of their favorite meals and snacks!

Fitness Tips with Grace and Grit Fitness

Each week, Tia shares fitness and wellness tips from healthy recipes, beauty/hair regimens when working out, to workouts you can complete right at home.

, Health and Wellness
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