Where is Emancipation Park located?

  • Emancipation Park is located in Third Ward. The address is 3018 Emancipation Avenue, Houston, TX 77057.

What is the significance of Emancipation Park?

  • With the help of several women and community leaders, Emancipation Park was founded in 1872 by four formerly enslaved men: Reverend Jack Yates, Richard Allen, Richard Brock, and Reverend Elias Dibble. These men, along with members of the Third and Fourth Ward communities, gathered about $800 to purchase ten acres of land as a place to commemorate the anniversary of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. This date is now known as Juneteenth, and the celebration still takes place in the park annually today. The purchase represented not only their freedom, but property ownership, unity, and cooperative economics amongst African Americans. Decades later in October 2013, Emancipation park broke ground on a $33.5 million renovation. The project was completed four years later in June 2017, and the dedication took place in conjunction with Emancipation Park’s 145th Annual Juneteenth Celebration. The City of Houston, Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) along with Emancipation Park Conservancy (EPC), several public private partnerships, and the community worked to revitalize the greenspace to allow for more economic and sustainable opportunities. Today, Emancipation Park Conservancy still strives to preserve Emancipation Park’s cultural integrity and enrich its heritage as a local, state, national and international landmark through world-class park management, culturally relevant, invigorating and enriching programs/events, and improving the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all.

Where can I find general information about Emancipation Park?

  • Please visit the Emancipation Park web page on the HPARD website for general park information.

Are Emancipation Park and Emancipation Park Conservancy the same thing?

  • No, these are two different entities that work together. Emancipation Park Conservancy works in partnership with Houston Parks & Recreation Department and the City of Houston to support fundraising, programs and events for Emancipation Park.

 Can I rent the buildings or outdoor space at Emancipation Park?

  • Yes, you can rent space inside the Emancipation Park Cultural Center, Recreation Center, or any of the outdoor spaces.
  • For indoor events: contact (832) 395-7400, or click HERE for more information.
  • For smaller scale, private outdoor events under 250 people, contact:
  • For larger outdoor events that will be open to the public, contact the Mayor’s Office of Special Events.
  • If you aren’t sure what category your events falls into, or who to contact, reach out to Kynetta Moore at (713) 528-1872. She can point you in the right direction.

Are there any park rules and regulations?

  • Yes, general Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) rules and regulations that apply to Emancipation Park can be found HERE. More details are also available in the HPARD Rules and Regulation Handbook.

Are there public restrooms at Emancipation Park?

  • Public restrooms are accessible to park patrons in the Emancipation Park Recreation Center. Hours are 9am-8pm Monday-Friday, and 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

Is the Emancipation Park Cultural Center open to the public?

  • Emancipation Park is a public City of Houston park. However, the Emancipation Park Cultural Center building is the only space within Emancipation Park that is not open to the public during the week. The cultural center is available for private rentals. During the weekend, you must have an event permit or be a guest of a private event rental/permit holder to access the cultural center. 

Does Emancipation Park Conservancy conduct informational tours?

  • At this time, Emancipation Park Conservancy does not conduct daily or weekly walk-in tours of the park on an individual basis. However, groups interested in visiting the park and conducting educational tours can reach out to EPC staff directly at (713) 528-1872 to speak with us directly about informational/historical tours. Please note that as EPC grows, we are working to be able to conduct on-demand tours, and also offer digital resources for self-guided tours.

What if I am interested in touring the space for a potential rental?

  • All tours for potential private rentals are conducted by HPARD staff. Our EPC staff members do not conduct facility rental tours. To schedule a facility rental tour, visit the Emancipation Park Recreation Center or call (832) 395-7400 to schedule in advance.
  • If you are interested in using the space for a corporate meeting, workshop, picnic, informational tour/visit etc., we’d love to hear from you. Please contact EPC directly at (713) 528-1872 so that we may field your request.

I am interested in volunteering with Emancipation Park Conservancy. Who should I contact?

  • Please email volunteers@epconservancy.org or call (713) 528-1872 to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Or, simply visit our volunteer page.
  • If your company or organization is interested in a corporate volunteer day, please follow the same contact procedure and an EPC representative will contact you directly.
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