, Phillip J. Sarofin

Phillip Sarofim is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trousdale Ventures, LLC. At the helm of this dynamic investment firm, Sarofim has steadily built a diverse portfolio of leading-edge brands that share his passion for empowering everyday individuals and improving lives. Sarofim draws upon his interdisciplinary experience, comprising business development and management, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and branding to offer a hands-on and holistic approach to his investments. His investments are stage and sector agnostic spanning space and mobility, climate tech and technology-driven health and wellness.

Sarofim takes an active role in each of his investments, serving on the advisory board and board of directors for many of the companies in his growing portfolio. He is the chairman of Meyers Manx, who under Phillip’s leadership recently unveiled the Manx 2.0 Electric, and a member of the Board of Directors for Coreshell, Lemon Perfect, Pure Plus+, Super Coffee, The Whole Coffee Company, Vanderhall Motor Works and Yellowbird Foods. He is a member of the advisory boards for Almefy and Unicorn Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on providing seed funding for early to mid-stage companies. These companies are aligned with Sarofim’s drive and vision, and the Trousdale Ventures’ ethos of purpose-driven products, honoring a greater mission of self-care, productivity, and sustainability, while making a positive shift in their respective industries.

Sarofim’s commitment to supporting and enhancing the lives of others extends beyond his investments and to his philanthropic endeavors. A stage II Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, Sarofim partnered with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to launch the Phillip Sarofim Scholarship Endowment, established to award undergraduate scholarships with a preference for students battling, or in remission from, cancer. Underscoring his commitment to community involvement, Sarofim is a founding member and serves on the Board of the Petersen Automotive Museum, is an Art Center Board of Trustees member, and donates his time as a member of the Board of Directors for the Houston Police Foundation, Houston’s Alley Theatre, and Emancipation Park Conservancy. Sarofim attended Rice University.

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