Jazzy Sundays – Matthew Hartnett & The Gumbo All-Stars; Frank Nooney & The Zydeco Floaters

OPENER:  Frank Nooney and the Zydeco Floaters originated out of Houston in March 1997. They have five CD’s recorded and perform creole zydeco music which is richly rooted in Louisiana. The band performs trailrides, restaurants, weddings all around the Houston area and has toured the west coast as far as Seattle, Washington.


HEADLINER: With roots in Lake Charles Louisiana, Matthew Hartnett leads the Gumbo All-Stars into the kitchen where Hip Hop, Jazz and Brass Band music are thrown into one pot. Reminiscence of The Roots in the ’90s, Matthew Hartnett and the Gumbo All Stars stretch the boundaries of the genres once perceived to be just one thing. This group’s energy and charisma is something to be felt as much as it is to be listened to. The music is jammed packed with positive messaging and beautiful melodic phrases both vocally and instrumentally. It’s gumbo at its finest.


Mar 12 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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