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Dorris Ellis Robinson

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Dorris Ellis Robinson is the founder and CEO of one of Houston’s top-ranking community newspapers, Houston Sun. Mrs. Ellis Robinson provides the direction for editorial content and manage editorial staff. The newspaper has expanded to San Antonio and Austin with a Sun Gospel and Young TexSun in Houston. Mrs. Ellis Robinson is a leader and educator with over 40 years of experience in community engagement, community publications, not-for-profit organizations, and post-secondary education instruction.

Mrs. Ellis Robinson received her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and Political Science and from Master of Arts, Political Science/Public Administration from the University of Illinois, and her Doctoral in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy from Texas Southern University.

Mrs. Ellis Robinson help found the Friends of Emancipation Park (now Emancipation Park Conservancy) along with Bill Milligan and several others, established the board and engaged the city to revitalize the park from the ground up with new architect, design and programing along with husband Lonal, son, Lonal X. and daughter, Dorcaus, a 33.6 million project.

Mrs. Ellis Robinson founded Freedmen’s Town Preservation Coalition (FTPC), a group of volunteers who seek to save the historic bricks in Freedmen’s Town. These bricks were paid for and placed by freedmen and their descendants in 1914 and 1922 in an effort to improve their neighborhood. Today FTPC is seeking to save them from destruction by the City of Houston. FTPC is making the effort under the National Historic Preservation Act.

She is currently a Public Affairs Political Science Professor at Texas Southern University (TSU) and instructs various courses such as Introduction to Public Sector Planning and Political Science American and Texas Government. Mrs. Ellis Robinson has also been instrumental in reviving TSU’s Student Planning Organization (critical for accreditation) and orchestrated TSU’s White House Conference on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) event.

She is the president of Houston League of Business and Professional Women, an organization and program that advances the membership and work with youth ages 12-18.

Mrs. Ellis Robinson has won over 60 awards and honors for community and business service work, including “Points of Light” award from President George W. Bush and 20th Anniversary of the Presidential Volunteer Core honoree by President Barack Obama. She also served as the Democratic Party Precinct Chairman and on the Urban Planning and Environmental Advisory Board.


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